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Assistant Quality Engineer  
// Jobconcept / Nazareth
Westerlaan 27, 8790 Waregem
bediende / uitvoerend / / dagwerk
taalkennis: Nederlands / / English


  • As a quality engineer you are responsible for supporting all elements of the supplier quality management.
  • You are also responsible for initial supplier survey/qualification, working with headquarters and all other applicable groups in requirements.
  • You will assist suppliers in understanding and implementing specifications.
  • As a quality engineer you will inspect first samples and identify risk areas and where appropriate add inspection/test requirements upon receipt.
  • This position requires the ability to handle multiple projects and work effectively with the different departments involved.
  • It will also be your responsibility to improve the Internal Quality Processes (such as incoming inspection, claims handling, measuring and monitoring of processes) and offer Quality Management support to other departments in order to improve internal processes and to maintain ISO 9001 certification. 
Sharka Vens // tel.: 056/ 620 300 / e-mail: waregem@jobconcept.be / website: http://www.jobconcept.be/vacatures/vacature-assistant-quality-engineer-415208-11.html
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